Transforming our current food system

Develop sustainable crop production systems
Diversifying plant proteins
Introduction of diversified protein food sources

ABOUT PROTEIN-IProtein-I future proofs Ireland’s food system through engaging in a multi-disciplinary project

Working from crop production through to human health and paying particular attention to the development of the rural (bio)-economy.

Protein-I will develop strategies to maximise sustainable plant protein production in a traceable/transparent fashion, assess the impact of existing value chains and develop new value chains for the rural economy at different scales and promote uptake of such strategies.

OBJECTIVESDeveloping consumer led approaches to diversify plant protein intake

Develop sustainable crop production systems in Ireland

Demonstrate a route to increase plant protein diversification in the Irish diet

Examining the impact of changing to a more plant based diet and its impact on consumer needs

Co-design pathways that will support new value chains based on sustainable crops that will benefit rural communities

Develop evidence to support the health benefits of value-added plant products

Establish a smart supply chain technology solution tailored to the needs of the agri-food industry

Maximising co-benefits across the food system.