Project Tasks

TASK 1Knowledge transfer (KT) implemetation plan

Task 1 will see the annual development of a KT plan to allow Protein-I results to be transformed into knowledge outputs that are transferred to stakeholers.

TASK 2Smart, sustainable and diversified plant production

Task 2 will develop approaches for enhancing the sustainability of crop production systems, through assessment of alternative and reduced input regimes, assessment of the potential of diversified crops, and the conversion of crop waste material into value-added protein. Uptake of such production systems is crucial in order to enable diversification at the consumer level.

TASK 3Rural economy and sustainable development

Task 3 will co-design pathways that will support the realisation of the proposed value chains to benefit rural communities in terms of on-farm diversification, employment, and inclusivity.

Output from this will feed into the Human Intervention study (Task 4) which will examine an individual approach to diversification of protein intake.

TASK 4Human intervention study to demonstrate impact of protein diversification on nutrition adequacy of the diet

Task 4 is a tailored intervention based on current dietary patterns to diversify the foods contributing to protein intake while maintaining nutritional adequacy.

TASK 5A holistic assessment of the impact of diversifying protein food sources in the Irish diet – dietary modelling, consumer studies and prototype considerations

Task 5: The consumer acceptance, needs, and perception surrounding ‘new’ and alternative sources of protein will be examined.

TASK 6Smart technology to support personalised nutrition interventions & health benefits of sustainable plant protein and fibre solutions

Task 6 will determine the metabolic health benefit of plant products for healthy ageing and the potential of novel sensors for personalised nutrition.

TASK 7Secure, tangible, supply chains supporting Agri-food provenance and efficiency

Task 7 will develop an IT solution that will provide secure, non-repudiative, and trust-enabled logging of movements/activities along a supply chain. The development will include a cycle of design, development, testing, implementation, and monitoring/engaging key stakeholders and end-users.

TASK 8Stakeholder engagement

Task 8 is dedicated to stakeholder engagement: Engagement with stakeholders will take place in multiple tasks.

TASK 9Dissemination, communication and public engagement

Task 9 will ensure that there is a long-term pathway to impact and provide a means for future-proofing Ireland’s Food system.

TASK 10Project Management

Task 10 will ensure efficient management of Protein-I to ensure delivery of all milestones and deliverables.

Our vision is to develop & evaluate crop-based value chains so rural communities benefit from the on-farm diversification proposed