About Protein-I

There is an urgent need to diversify the foods that currently contribute to our protein intake. Protein-I will enable us to combine leading expertise to maximise benefits across the food system. Our project will be a key step towards future-proofing our food system on the island of Ireland in a way that helps protect our health and that of the planet.
Prof. Lorraine Brennan
UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science


Protein-I will develop and evaluate crop-based value chains to ensure that rural communities in Ireland benefit in terms of on-farm diversification. We will embrace the circular economy by examining the conversion of crop waste material into value added protein. We will develop a smart supply chain technology solution tailored to the needs of the agri-food industry that supports transparency. Evidence to support the development of Public health policies will be established. Health benefits to support the development of value-added protein products will emerge from the work.  Engagement with stakeholders is crucial and built into the workprogramme to ensure maximum likelihood of uptake of the outputs.


Protein-I is a multidisciplinary project that has 7 research tasks involving key PI’s and project Manager from 6 different Institutions on the Island of Ireland.

Prof. Lorraine Brennan (UCD)
Prof. Helen Roche (UCD)
Prof. Fiona Doohan (UCD)
Dr Breige Mc Nulty (UCD)
Dr Martina Wallace (UCD)
Dr Aoife O’Gorman (UCD, Project Manager)
Prof. Maeve Henchion (Teagasc)
Dr. Susanne Barth (Teagasc)
Dr Fiona Thorne (Teagasc)
Dr. Seamus O’Reilly (UCC)
Dr. Anne Nugent (QUB)
Prof. Moira Dean (QUB)
Prof. Cathal O’Donoghue (NUIG)
Dr. Trevor Cadden (UU)
Dr. Joseph Rafferty (UU)
Prof. Ronan McIvor (UU)

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